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Catherine Williams studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England, graduating in 1997 when she received the Rebecca Smith Award for Printmaking. In 2001 she completed a Master’s degree in multi-disciplinary Printmaking, also at UWE and received a Printmakers Council Award in her final year of study.

The inspiration for Catherine’s work primarily comes from the textural qualities of landscape.

Initially the rugged Cornish coastline was a strong influence. The transparency and depth, which can be seen when looking down from the rocks into the sea, is often used as a starting point for developing her seascape images, as is looking out towards the horizon and watching the ever changing tide, the patterns and wave forms.

Over recent years the inspiration has come closer to home in the form of forests and woodlands. The fascinating way trees grow and form in clusters, and the interesting textures of bark and foliage.

Catherine has a strong interest in composition and uses photography as a means for capturing striking compositions from the landscapes and seascapes that she visits. The photographs also hold memories of the colours experienced on the day. This visual material alongside colour sketches are then abstracted from and create the landscape and seascape prints exhibited.

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