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After graduating, Charlotte worked in a number of roles before completing a Diploma in Garden Design and setting up her own garden design business in 2004.

Having always had a passion for printmaking, Charlotte subsequently decided to concentrate more on this side of her work, and from 2012 set up a new business making and selling limited edition hand made prints. Charlotte’s prints are mostly made using hand-cut paper stencils and printed through a silkscreen, with the images themselves taken from original hand-drawings and sketches. Some lino prints are also available.

To celebrate the 60 year anniversary since the Queen’s Coronation, Charlotte was commissioned to create a limited edition of 60 screen prints of the ‘Coronation Arch’; a temporary sculpture created on the Long Walk at Windsor Castle in September 2013. The first screen print (edition 1/60) is to be presented to Her Majesty The Queen.

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